Word of the Gay


To members of the LGBT+ community words have been used to define our very existence, and much of our daily language is rooted in a deep-seeded history that most of us are completely unaware of. Some words in the queer vernacular that were once harmful slurs have been partially reclaimed and now act as verbal pillars of strength. Many words are rooted in stereotypes, but just as many allow LGBT+ people to express freedoms we’ve worked hard to attain. But what exactly is serving realness? How exactly does one “slay”? What does it mean to be “femme” and what’s the difference between a bear and a twink?

Welcome to Word of The Gay, a weekly podcast dissecting common words in the queer lexicon. Hosts Brendy and Leni will tackle a new word every week, taking a deep dive into its origin, contemporary usage, how it’s used in pop culture and how its perceived by different members of our community.

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