Hunting Seasons


Binge-watch. Deep dive. Breakdown.
The podcast that explores a season of TV each and every episode.

Proud not-actual parents Broderick Gordes and Damask Leary birthed their baby Hunting Seasons podcast in early 2017. Blessed with Brod’s eye for the machinations of filmmaking and Damask’s fascination with narrative themes, their spawn takes the best of each host and melds them into an entertaining deep-dive discussion on a new season of television each and every week.

Hunting Seasons arrives during a golden age of television. With every passing year television is becoming more complex, more cinematic in style and scope, more complicated and nuanced in narrative, and more…well, just more. With so many quality programs ‘binge-watching’ has become the way to consume TV. Whether it be braving the streets of Baltimore in The Wire or challenging the women of GLOW to a fight, Brod and Damask explore what it is to not only to experience the best television ever created, but also how the act of binging affects our experience as viewers.

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