It's Time To Go


With bum dances, “free the refugee” protests, and turkey slaps, two pre-teen lads in a far back time (2001) experienced the thrill of unprecedented late-night access to humans filmed in a sparsely decorated Dream World set doing absolutely nothing. Did they realise they were watching Australian television history unfold in real time? No. Did they try to find ways to watch Big Brother: Uncut without their parents finding out? Definitely. Big Brother was a phenomenon in Australia, and almost two decades later Jayden (resident gay) and Ben (resident straight) have decided to reignite the flame. Join them on their weekly journey in watching every single episode, from the show’s glistening highs of season one, to it’s devastating ousting of Gretel Killeen in favour of the Nine Network. It’s nostalgic, silly, and edited to make Jayden and Ben the most attractive hosts in podcast history.

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