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Just as television has become on-demand, so has audio.

Australia is the fourth largest consumer of podcasts in the world, growing almost on a daily basis. As smartphone use continues to rise and audio files become more accessible, podcasts have become the ultimate on-demand content medium for audio. The way listeners interact with podcasts offer a unique opportunity for brands and advertisers to make the most of this growing medium.

Benefits for brands in expanding to audio engagement:

- Access and create a meaningful, intimate connection with a niche audience.
- Ads are communicated by an engaging and talented host, in which the listener likes and trusts.
- Raise brand awareness, creative positive association and position the brand around a certain area of expertise.
- Brands can keep up with new marketing trends by investing in new ‘millennial’ media. Access people who are educated, technologically active and have a disposable income.
- Brands can communicate ideas beyond what can be conveyed on social media or short-form advertising to a very attentive, opt-in, dedicated listener. A recent study from the U.S.’s NPR found that 75% of listeners took action on a sponsored message.
- The average ad spot investment is oftentimes cheaper than social and video, with less moving parts for the client.
- Be ahead of the curve compared to other brands in Australia by accessing audiences in a fundamentally different and creatively engaging way.
- Technology in traditional media allows audiences to skip, block or scroll past the advertising they don’t want to consume. Podcasts audiences typically don’t skip ads as they’re read in the authentic and natural voice of the host, or they're busy doing something else with their hands.
- Formats can be custom to leverage a particular message, offering a unique promo-code or custom URL to track conversions or be used for an awareness strategy. 
- Ads are dynamically inserted on-demand allowing for audience targeting, full impression tracking and the ability to swap creative at any time.
- Multiple versions can be recorded and rotated to keep the messaging fresh.  
- Campaigns can run for as many episodes as desired.
- Messages can be spread across multiple shows on the Lipp Media network that target audiences either by category, personality or show demographics.

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